Who we are

We are an international team of committed people, dedicated to nurture your business growth.
We guide you through the various stages of your development.
We are your long term global partner.

Our vision:
We have a long-term focus on people we work with and build strong relationships with each one of our partners and clients. This is why we feel so deeply involved in our clients’ business challenges and results.

Our people:
Our coworkers are together our first and main force. We do believe that one works better if his or her life is well balanced and if achievements have been made. At AST, we really care about people we work with so we cultivate an environment for our coworkers to fulfill themselves. This way, we can leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our partners:
We choose our business partners for their services quality and their professionalism. Just as with our clients, we like to build sustainable relationships with our corporate partners; this is why it is easy for us to recommend them to you and to open our professional network to you.

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