What we do

We guide you through your international development.

We advise the optimized strategy that will enable your organization to grow beyond its home market.

Tax optimization

Every company must comply with tax requirements. At AST Consulting we offer tax optimization services to help you and your company develop a legal and effective strategy to reduce your business and individual rates and dues. In addition to providing you with long-term customer support, our team of experts will handle your case in a highly professional and confidential manner.

At AST Consulting, we make sure to create the most tax optimized structure that suits the operations you run in China.

In China, depending on your industry and operations, you will have to comply with different tax rates. The 3 main taxes are:

  • Income Tax: Basic rate (25%), small profits (20%) and high-tech enterprises (15%)
  • VAT: General tax payer (VAT compensation) or small tax payer
  • Business Tax: From 3 to 20% depending on the industry

Taxes have to be paid every 15th of each month by a certified accountant (only Chinese people can be accountants in China). AST Consulting is member of AST Group, which includes an accounting division: AST Expertise holding the accounting licence enabling legal accounting services in China and only having accountants certified by Chinese government.