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Tax optimization

Depending on your case, your company will have to comply with different taxes. Your rates will be specific to your registration area, legal entity and operations. It is highly important to know which taxes apply to your products or services to know if some customs taxes can be reduced.


Brazilian legislation and regulations regarding taxes outline the following main taxes:

Social contributions on gross revenues:

  • PIS (1.65%)
  • COFINS (7.6%)

Federal tax on industrialized goods:

  • IPI (rates depend following the HTS Code of the product)

Tax on profits and net income:

  • Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ, 15% or 25% if profits exceed BRL 240 000 / USD 136 206)
  • Social Contribution on Profits (CSLL, 9% or 10% if profits exceed BRL 110 000 / USD 62 857)

Social Security Taxes:

  • INSS (between 26.8% and 28.8%)
  • FGTS (8%)

Taxes on financial transactions (IOF, rates depend on the transaction)


Other taxes related to international transactions can be levied by the Brazilian Withholding Income Tax on Outbound Remittances (IRRF) and by the Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain (CIDE).

The Brazilian tax system is quite complex and can be time consuming to understand for a newcomer. Let our experts in tax jurisdictions calculate the right rates for your tax declarations and maximize your tax position.