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Business registration

The most common forms in the US are:


Sole Proprietor:

A sole proprietor is the entity in which a person opens a business alone without incorporation or any agreement with others. No forms or filing is required and the tax liability is the sole responsibility of the owner on an individual basis. Any debt or other liability is totally the responsibility of the proprietor and to the extent of all his personal and business assets.


Partnership (General or Limited Partnerships):

General Partnership:

  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Each partner is taxed on his share of profits and considered as personal income
  • Each partner is liable on their personal assets

Limited Partnership:

  • Liability invested on the investment made
  • The general partner has total management responsibility, if limited partners get involved in the management, their limited liability is threaten
  • Maximum 35 members

Corporations (“C” Corporations and “S” Corporations):

  • Limited by shares
  • Board of Directors controls the Corporation
C Corporation:
  • Les actionnaires peuvent ne pas être résidents
  • Les actionnaires peuvent être des personnes physiques ou morales
  • Pas de nombre limite d’actionnaires
  • Pas de capital minimum requis
  • Double taxation (la société est imposable sur ses revenus, les actionnaires sont imposables sur leurs dividendes)
S Corporation:
  • No Double Taxation
  • Owners cannot be corporation or partnerships
  • Shareholders must be residents
  • Maximum 35 shareholders
  • A S Corporation cannot possess more than 80% of another company


Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Members have limited liability, personal liability is limited to the amount invested
  • Members can be individuals, entities or partnerships
  • Members need not to be residents
  • The LLC does not pay taxes but the resident members are tax liable as personal income and non-resident members are tax liable on income derived from the US
  • The LLC can be used as an offshore registered in a Tax Haven if no trading is made with the US