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Business registration

Incorporating a company in the British Virgin Islands is a simple process, with few requirements. Company details such as beneficial owners, directors or shareholders’ information are not part of public records, insuring a high confidentiality. Only the Memorundum Articles of Association are given to Public Records but these do not specify information about owners, directors nor shareholders of the BVI Company.

Below are some conditions to fill to set up a BVI Company:

  • 1 shareholder, 1 owner and 1 director are needed, each can be an individual or a corporation (of any nationality), and all can be one same person
  • No minimum capital
  • There is no requirement to state the operational object of the company

A BVI Company can be:

  • Limited by shares
  • Limited by guarantee (with or without authorization to issue share)
  • An unlimited company (with or without authorization to issue share)
  • A segregated portfolio company
  • A restricted purpose company

Holding a BVI Company is also simple:

  • Shareholders or directors meetings need not to be held in BVI
  • No general meetings is required
  • Physical presence of attendees is not required during meetings (virtual meetings are accepted)

As for the accounting of a BVI Company:

  • Minimum records must be kept to explain the company’s transactions
  • Records need not to be kept within BVI
  • No audits from internal or external auditors needed