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Business registration

Foreigners wishing to open a company in Singapore must go through a professional firm regarding the business registration as Singapore law forbid foreigners (individuals or companies) to self-register a company.


Subsidiary Company

A subsidiary company is a private limited company owned by another local or foreign company. It is the most preferred legal form for small to medium foreign businesses establishing in Singapore.

As a Singapore Subsidiary Company is separated from the foreign parent company, their liabilities remain independent from each other as well. However, the Subsidiary Company is considered as a local company regarding tax exemptions and incentives.


Representative Office

Representative Office is a short term solution for companies that want to gather market intelligence, coordinate activities or run promotion activities in Singapore on behalf of its parent company.

A Representative Office is not a legal entity; therefore it cannot engage in any commercial revenue-generating activity.


Branch Office

A Branch Office is like a Subsidiary Company but its legal form is linked to the foreign parent company, meaning that the head office bears the liability for the Singapore Branch Office.

Regarding taxes, as the Branch Office is considered as a non-resident entity and is not eligible for tax exemptions and incentives available to local companies.