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Business registration

The Hong Kong Company is a legal entity that can be used to run overseas activities while benefitting from advantageous taxes. This legal entity is commonly set to incorporate foreign invested companies in China Mainland (WFOE or Representative Office) and run the activities from Hong Kong as one of the major benefits is that companies do not have to pay Chinese taxes when they use their Hong Kong bank account.

The most common activities of Hong Kong Companies are Import-Export and Consulting.

The Business Corporation Certificate of a Hong Kong Company must be renewed every year.


  • Incorporation can be done by only one person
  • Short time incorporation procedure
  • No minimum capital
  • Advantageous taxation: no VAT, no tax on profits
  • Banking secrecy
  • Flexibility of local government
  • Simple legal framework

AST Consulting guides you through all stages of the incorporation of your Hong Kong Company.