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Kinsley is the HR services division of AST Group, based in our headquarters in Shanghai. We are looking for a Recruiter to handle our client’s talents searches.


Job Description:

  1. 负责日常招聘工作;
    To be responsible of daily recruiting activities.
  2. 管理并维护招聘渠道,通过其他渠道寻找合适的候选人;
    To monitor and maintain the effective of the recruiting channels, sourcing candidate from various channels.
  3. 熟悉公司的招聘流程并及时高效地完成招聘任务;
    To get familiar with the recruitment process and achieve objectives effectively.
  4. 支持并协调客户的招聘工作;
    Support and coordinate with the clients’ interview.
  5. 根据客户需求起草职位信息;
    Draft Job Description based upon information provided by client.
  6. 随时与客户沟通职位的招聘情况;
    Communication with our clients about the position handling.
  7. 筛选简历,挑选合适的候选人,安排面试并把符合条件的候选人推荐给客户。
    Screen the resumes, select the potential candidates, conduct interviews and recommend the suitable candidates to clients.
  8. 与客户以及候选人之间就薪水和入职问题进行协商;
    Negotiation with client and candidates about the offer and onboard issues.
  9. 与现有的客户保持良好的关系;
    Keep a warm relationship with the existing clients.
  10. 及时准确地提供招聘报告;
    Providing recruiting reports accurately and punctual.
  11. 经理交待的其他工作;
    Other tasks assigned by the HR Manager.


Job Requirements:

  1. 本科以上学历;
    Bachelor degree or above.
  2. 5年以上外资企业招聘经验,有猎头经验者优先;
    More than 5 years recruitment experience in Multinational Corporation, would be a plus in headhunting firm with full functions.
  3. 熟悉招聘流程;
    Familiar with recruitment process.
  4. 负责任且自我激励,有团队精神,能在高压下高效且独立地完成工作;
    Accountable, self-motivated, good team spirit, can work independently and efficiently under pressure.
  5. 良好的沟通和表达能力;
    Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  6. 英文熟练;
    Fluent English both written and oral.