What we do

We guide you through your international development.

We advise the optimized strategy that will enable your organization to grow beyond its home market.

Corporate strategy

Developing countries such as South-East Asian markets or South American markets are attractive for their economic growth and their business opportunities. However, these new and unfamiliar markets can scare companies and threat their commitment regarding their international expansion.

Developed countries can be impressive as well in terms of high competition and operating costs. On the other hand, establishing your company there can benefit the image of your company.

Seeking help from professional firms like AST Consulting can overcome the lack of local market knowledge and simplify the processes of internationalization, whether it is in a developing or in a developed country.

Companies consult us for our expertise of company creation and management. We know how to handle complex cases including international challenges. We will advise you the best approach of the market in terms of legal and tax aspects for you to start your operations with the right strategy. 

Depending on your project, AST Consulting helps you set the most efficient strategy. What makes us different from our competitors is that we offer our vision on the whole project; we advise you the right form to establish in, where to establish, the amount to invest and other topics related to your market entry. In other words, we guide you through every single step of your development.

Our business advisors combine multi-field experience and knowledge to design the most high-value strategy that will assure your business growth and sustainability. AST Consulting provides national and cross-border corporate strategy consulting, offering our clients the opportunity to go beyond their domestic market.

We feel deeply involved in each project we take, making our client’s success, our success too.